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Monocular Cooler

Monocular Cooler

Feeding Granularity: Φ1.5×15m-Φ3.3×40m

Production Capacity: 2-36t/h

Technical Features: Cooling the clinker (1000-1300℃) discharged from rotary kiln to below 200℃.

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The Main Types and Advantages of Monocular Cooler:

Monocular Cooler is a heat exchanger, which is the key device of rotary kiln production system with simple structure, stable performance, reliable operation and other advantages. The exhaust gas generated from the heat exchange can be introduced to the rotary kiln, thus improving the thermal efficiency of the entire system. According to its structure, cooler can be divided into monocular cooler, grate cooller and compound fertilizer drum cooler.


The Working Process of Monocular Cooler:

When Monocular Cooler works, wet material is conveyed to the hopper through belt conveyor and bucket elevator, then be sent to the feed end of the hopper via feeding pipes through feeding machine. Material is fed from the higher end, and heat medium is discharged from low end to contact counter-current materials, sometimes heat medium will be sent into the cylinder together with material flow. With the rotation of the cylinder, materials run to the lower end of the cylinder under gravity. Wet material can directly or indirectly get heat from heat medium in the course of moving forward in the cylinder, to cool hot material, and then discharge and send materials at the end through spiral conveyor or belt conveyor. The cooled heat medium generally needs a cyclone dust collector for collecting materials filling in gas. If you need to further reduce exhaust dust content, bag filter or wet dust collector is needed before discharging.

Technical Parameter

Main Reducer
Main Motor
Φ1.5×15 2~3 3~5 ZQ500 15 28
Φ1.5×20 3~4 3~5 ZQ500 15 35
Φ1.8×18 4~6 3~5 ZQ500 18.5 47
Φ2.0×22 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 61
Φ2.2×18 7~8.5 3~5 ZQ500 22 64
Φ2.2×22 8~10 3~5 ZQ650 30 73
Φ2.4×24 12~15 3~5 ZS125 45 98
Φ2.5×25 15~20 3~5 ZS125 55 110
Φ2.8×28 16~22 3~5 ZL100 55 130
Φ3.0×30 20~25 3~5 ZL115 75 169
Φ3.2×36 28~32 3~5 ZL115 90 200
Φ3.3×40 32~36 3~5 ZI130 132 237
Φ3.6×36 35~38 3~5 ZSY450-28 185 318
Φ4.0×36 50~60 3~5 ZSY450-25 220 348
Φ4.0×45 60~70 3~5 ZSY450-25 250 414
Φ4.5×50 70~75 3~5 ZSY500-25 315 576

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